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We are a team of experienced and professional graffiti artists and offer Graffitifun for everyone. We are the market leader in graffiti workshops with more than 32 artists and have grown into one of the largest graffiti companies in Europe. Mostley we work in Amsterdam on our graffiti locatie with more than thousand meter of graffiti walls! We have also been broadcast on television many times and chosen as best choice Benelux!

We have different address locations for our graffiti workshops:
-Amsterdam, Flevoparkweg
( Graffitifun Hall of Fame Amsterdam : recommended!)
-Utrecht, Rooseveltlaan
( Graffitifun Hall of Fame Utrecht : recommended!)
-Amsterdam, NDSM site
-Amsterdam, Overtoom (in consultation)
-Zaandam, Coentunnelweg
-Nieuw Vennep, Schoolstraat
-Vinkeveen, Vinkenkade
-Utrecht, Berlijnplein Leidsche Rijn (in consultation)
-Vleuten, Seafront
-Nieuwegein, Lekboulevard
-Rotterdam, John Bruynzeelpad (in consultation)
-Haarlem, Garnenkokerskade (in consultation)
-Moermond, Zeewolde (in consultation)
-Antwerpen, Park Spoor Noord, 2000
-Brussel, Havenlaan 53, 1000
-Gent Keizerviaduct, Visserij (Graffitifun Hall of Fame Gent: recommended!)
-Gent Graffitistraatje, Werregarenstraat
-Lavo Matic, 75010 Paris
-Maria Hall, Berlin
-Locations throughout the Benelux (and Europe) possible or own location in consultation

If no answer by phone, please send an email. Always response within 1 (working) day and hour or faster!
Information about these locations can be found at the bottom of the page graffiti children's parties.

Please email for reservations.
For small questions: Whatsapp possible!

Contact us!




Vacature jobs

A cool, creative and flexible workplace at Graffitifun!

We are looking for you!

As a Graffitifun graffiti workshop supervisor/assistant you supervise your own workshops and ensure that everything runs smoothly, of course with a team of real graffiti artists and other supervisors around you. You will be fully trained so that you can work independently with us in the long term. Working hours are in consultation due to the requests (flexible times, usually on weekends: no min. or max. hours). It is therefore ideal to combine a side job next to study or other work.
We have fun assignments throughout the Benelux with large company outings, famous people, parties or events. We are also regularly broadcast on TV, you can be here too!

During the weekends we mainly work in Amsterdam and Utrecht, the Netherlands.
(riding with our team to location is always possible).

We offer:
-A nice enthusiastic team and varied customers in unique locations
-Cute fees (indication: €25,- / €60,- per hour indication gross, depends ons experience and independent)
-Flexible days and working hours (all in consultation, no obligations)
-Learning objectives (eg presenting / guiding / dealing with various situations. We see that this has a very positive positivity on the development, but also on the studies such as presenting independently with more certainty, etc.)

We ask:
-Social and creative
-Shows initiative
-Minimum age 15 years old (preferably from the Amsterdam or Utrecht area)

Interested? (or do you know someone?) Internships are also possible! Also as a freelancer!
Please send your motivation and CV via our e-mail address to M. Steers

More information abou work by Graffitfun? Click here: