Graffiti Teambuilding

Are you looking for a fun and creative company graffiti teambuilding outing workshop? Then you've come to the right place at Graffitifun! We offer the most extensive graffiti workshops for you and your colleagues. Choose to discover the art of graffiti together or by collaborating on large works of art for a real team building activity!

We offer these company outings for small groups but also for large groups. We can accommodate groups of up to 2000 people in one day.
Choose panels per person or large joint works of art on a real graffiti wall or large panels. We have 20 years of experience with these graffiti workshops
and know how to convey these workshops to the participants and colleagues.


1. Presentation about graffiti like the history and info workshop
2. Design on paper or by group
4. Make a graffiti panel or big graffiti mural for the teambuilding
6. Finish the artworks with the artist(s) and outlines
7. Spray free after on a big wall with tags
8. Guide tours graffiti and streetart walls
9. Finish workshop with nice photo's and group picture

We offer a 100% guarantee on continuation with backup artist(s) and payment afterwards by invoice!
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Creative for every company!

We have more then 20 years of experience with every kind of graffiti workshops and groups. From private workshops for 1 person, till events with more then 2000 persons. Graffitifun workshops are for everyone who wants enjoy the art and experience of graffiti!
We also have the coolest and biggest graffiti kidsparty !!

We also can made different type and styles of graffiti murals!
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Graffiti teambuilding


  • Low pressure graffiti cans
    €5,- extra total

  • Extra artist(s) to help
    €15,- every extra artist!

  • Bigger panels for the group
    €25,-/€150,- extra

  • Diploma- certificate each person
    €0,- free

  • Water basic sparaypaint cans
    €25,- indication
    (depends of number group)


We have unique locations in the Netherlands and Belgium!

Check us at the Graffitifun Hall of Fame in Amsterdam and Graffitifun Hall of Fame in Utrecht! But also in Rotterdam, Nieuwegein, Haarlem, Eindhoven, Brussel, Antwerpen and Gent!

We also can do it on your own location, but because of the gasses please take care that we will always do this outside! Think about covered area's of other big party tents.

Check all the locations on the /contact page!

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