Graffiti workshops

We offer unique and extensive graffiti workshops for everyone. We work throughout Europe and have our own unique graffiti locations. Varying from small locations to large graffiti spots up to thousands of meters of graffiti walls. In our workshops, the participants are creative, they get an impression of the graffiti world and how it came about. Graffiti is a real art form nowadays.

We offer these workshops for everyone, from individuals to companies and major events. Also we doin the most exclusive graffiti kidsparties. During the workshop, the participants will receive a presentation, they will do some design and they will make their own graffiti panel or wall in consultation. There is also a nice tour along the graffiti street art.

Would you also like to follow a cool graffiti workshop with us? We are not only the most extensive, but also the most attractive in terms of price and also offer a 100% guarantee on continuation and payment afterwards.

We also can made different type and styles of graffiti murals!
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