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Graffitifun is a specialist and market leader in Europe with the most exclusive and extensive Graffiti Workshops and Graffiti kidsparty . But we do also al lot of schools, events, digital lessons, bachelor party's, family weekends and many more! We work internationally throughout Europe.

With a team of more than 40 artists we offer enthusiastic workshops where the customer is central. We have been broadcast on various television channels and news newspapers and have exclusive graffiti locations with more than thousands of meters of graffiti walls.
City Amsterdam Graffiti is our basis location.

For years officially elected best graffiti workshop company in the Benelux, the absolute number 1 in Europe!!!

Graffitifun graffiti workshops company or kids party

— Graffiti workshops

Our graffiti workshops and activities are ideal for a company outing, children's party, friends outing, schools, institutions and events. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by a unique attractive and comprehensive program with guarantee on all agreements and reservations made.

Our specialty are giving graffiti children's parties and graffiti company outings . We put our customers in the limelight thanks to our enthusiastic artists and structured program.
It is even possible to take a digital graffiti workshop with us for a special experience with digital graffiti spray cans.

Team Graffitifun with more then 30 artists international

— About Graffitifun

Graffitifun was founded by artist and owner Michel Steers. With a unique and extensive program, we offer everyone a glimpse into the graffiti art, with more than 20 years of experience. Graffiti is now a real art form and is not always seen as vandalism. With graffiti the most beautiful artworks and wall paintings can be made.

We made our services commercial by not only conveying the techniques with our graffiti workshops but also giving the participants information about respect for different things.

We offer exclusive graffiti workshops, kidsparty's and teambuilding events. But also for schools and everybody else who wants to do Graffitifun!

Graffiti Kidsparty and Graffiti Kinderfeestje
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